about us (ENG)

Fondazione DAR Cesare Scarponi Onlus  is a private non-profit foundation based in Milan.

Founded in 2006 Fondazione DAR’s early mission was to promote solidarity, social justice and social inclusion of migrants and people belonging to low-income communities.

In the first years Fondazione DAR undertook advocacy and actions to support people in having access to  credit or obtaining a mortgage.

In 2010 Fondazione DAR was successfully recognized as a non-profit organization and broadened its commitment including: Social Housing and affordable housing projects, equitable development issues, community building and community organizing among low-income and fringe neighborhoods.

By combining research, advocacy and social work we promote empowerment and capacity building processes.

We support actions to improve social cohesion and the well-being of residents and tenants living in public housing complexes.

We work with a wide range of partners to promote affordable housing.